Local Aberdeenshire Attractions

Here in Banff we have various activities for all ages to enjoy all year round. Whether you are a water baby who enjoys the crisp waters, a beach lover who likes to relax or an explorer who loves to view the history of a location there is something for you here in Aberdeenshire.

There is something to suit everyone's taste and an activity to match every budget requirement possible. You can trawl the fish and chip shops, hang out on the beach, cycle down the promenade and all the way through the traffic-free sections of the National Cycle Network.

We also have:

The Moray coast is also recommended by our regulars as a beautiful scenic route to enjoy the rugged scenery that Scotland has to offer.

In the area there are dolphins that come to say hello and can be seen closer up when you are on the local wildlife boat trip. These boat trips are run by the locals and allows you to be close to the amazing creatures in the most humane way possible. You can also see puffin colonies, gannets and whales in too.